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Modern Slavery Statement

At Polani Travel Limited, we are passionately committed to operating responsibly and maintaining high ethical standards in all aspects of our business. This includes taking an unwavering stance against modern slavery and human trafficking, which we view as grave violations of human rights.

We believe in freedom, dignity, and respect for all individuals, and we are dedicated to preventing these abuses within our business and supply chains. Furthermore, we firmly believe that every individual deserves the fundamental right to freedom, dignity, and respect. In our capacity as a travel agency and as conscientious corporate citizens, we are committed to doing our part in eliminating these practices from our operations and supply chains.

This statement outlines the actions we have taken to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chains, in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and other similar legislation worldwide.

Our Business and Supply Chains

As a leading travel agency, Polani Travel Ltd provides a comprehensive range of travel and tourism services to our esteemed clients globally. Our vast supply chains encompass partnerships with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, airport transfers and other service providers around the world.

Our Policies Relating to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

To actively combat modern slavery and human trafficking within our operations, we have established robust policies:

Human Rights Policy: We affirm the rights of all our employees and all those involved in our supply chains. Any form of forced or compulsory labour, child labour, or practices that exploit and degrade individuals are strictly intolerable.

Whistleblowing Policy: We encourage an open culture where all employees feel comfortable to voice concerns about any suspicion of modern slavery or human trafficking, knowing they will not face any repercussions.

Supplier Code of Conduct: We stipulate high standards for our suppliers, requiring them to uphold ethical labour practices and respect human rights.

Our Employees

Our team is our most valuable asset, and we are dedicated to their welfare and professional development. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards modern slavery and human trafficking in all their forms. We work diligently to ensure our hiring practices are transparent, fair, and free from any form of exploitation. We provide equal opportunities and ensure that all employment, including work experience and internships, is voluntary.

To help our team better understand and identify the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking, we provide regular, comprehensive training. Our aim is to create a knowledgeable and alert workforce that can recognise potential violations and know how to respond appropriately.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

To successfully mitigate the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking, we:

• Screen our suppliers to ensure they meet our ethical standards and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.
• Implement staff training and awareness programs to keep our team informed and vigilant.
• Established system in place to handle any complaints, ensuring all issues are addressed openly and effectively.

Our commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking extends to monitoring the effectiveness of our initiatives. We periodically review and enhance our policies, procedures, and training programs, keeping abreast with best practices in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

Polani Travel Limited acknowledges that our stance on combating modern slavery and human trafficking is a reflection of our broader corporate ethos. Our commitment to integrity and human rights is unwavering and extends to every facet of our operations.